Danielle - Cookie Artisan

Danielle Cookie Artisan

My name is Danielle. I am a mother to two beautiful children. I have a 2 year old daughter named Ava and a 5 year old son named Joseph. I am a former addict who has been through all the things that comes with it. Jail, homelessness and “outcast” had become my identity for a long time. After a long stint in jail, and a true surrender to GOD I was given the chance at rehab, again. That is where I learned to love myself again and walk around with the confidence that my addiction had once taken from me. After completing rehab I stayed on and became the director of the rehabilitation center. That is where I connected with the owners of Color Code Cookies. They offered me the freedom to be the mother that I wanted to be, and become fully involved in all areas of my children’s lives. I’ve also gained the confidence of knowing that I am a functioning member of society now. No more shame and guilt for me. I give all the credit and praise to GOD and I know that everyday is a blessing.

Kelsey - Cookie Artisan

Kelsey Cookie Artisan

I’m 22 with 2 kids.April 16th 2017 marked a year sober for me. I’ve Been working for Color Code Cookies since September 2016. I gained self worth and confidence being able to graduate Rehab & drug court. Most of all I am grateful for being back in my kids lives everyday supporting them and myself, knowing that I have a job that supports me and understands my everyday issues. My color was Gold.

JK - Chef and Vice President

JK Chef and Vice President

My name is James K. Turnipseed. I always wanted to cook and be a chef. I went to Auburn University and earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I later went to Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Europe. After years of working I keep noticing that a great number of my coworkers have or have had drug and alcohol problems. Their recovery was hard for two main reasons, first they had to win the battle with substance abuse and then they had to keep a job once they were in recovery. With all of the legal requirements that they often had after they had had legal trouble it was hard to keep a good job.  My father and I were talking about the same situation he noticed across many other industries and society as a whole. He decided to start a company that could and would work with these people who are facing the the second part of their recovery.  We wanted a company that would help them have and keep a good job in an environment that would help them stay clean. I came on board to run this bakery with a staff of people who were in recovery.  We are helping “one cookie at a time.”