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Fundraising that makes a difference! Earn up to $12.00 for every box sold!

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Fundraising - Color Code Cookies


  • To me, Color Code Cookies is everything. I graduated from the program in October, 2016 and just three weeks ago got custody of my 13 year old son. Having a job here has allowed me to be financially stable enough to provide for him and pay child support for my other child for the first time in my life. I am able to attend his school functions and finally be the mom that I have always wanted to be. The women I work with here are more than my co-workers; they are my accountability partners, we have each others backs and we are all recovering together. We are able to work in an environment where we understand what each other has been through and can speak openly about our struggles. We support each other through the bad days and through that support, we prevent a relapse every day. My job at Color Code Cookies has changed my life for the better and I am thankful for that. ~Amanda
  • As someone who is a recovering addict and have been through what these women are experiencing in their recovery, I know how important this company is to them. Color Code Cookies is a place where you aren’t judged for the mistakes you’ve made and where your past doesn’t hinder your potential. A huge part of having a successful recovery is being able to find employment and be able to support your new life. As you go through the transition of becoming clean it’s like starting your life over… and without having a job to financially support yourself, it’s very difficult to stay on the right path. Working in a place like Color Code Cookies gives you the opportunity to reach your potential without your past mistakes bringing you down ~Danielle
  • Working at Color Code Cookies teaches me about having a good work ethic. Being able to show up for work everyday has also provided me financial and emotional stability during this hard time in my life. I have been in the program for six months now and am proud to say that I am about to graduate. My job at this company has been a huge part of my recovery.~Kaley
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